gesellschaft für unternehmensinnovation mbh

The gefu company


The gesellschaft für unternehmensinnovation mbh (short: gefu) was founded in the year 1990. It emerged from a single-man business, which had already been founded in the year 1982. Our place of business is Böblingen near Stuttgart in Germany.


We have acquired the rights of the ‚virtual database of heterogeneous data structures (VDB)‘ from our founder Peter Pressmar, to develop our highly flexible IT solutions. The database model is patented in the USA and in the EU. This innovative database model and -process represents the cornerstone for our future-oriented software solutions.

One of our highly specialized solutions, which was developed based on the VDB is Application Migration Management (AMM). AMM – because of its innovative design – has already completed many application– and data migration projects quickly, successfully and safely.

Our vision is to support many other companies in successfully completing their migration projects. We therefore cooperate with very capable consulting-firms, to realize this vision.