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Continuous change is one major characteristic of all information and communication technology. Those technologies demand great flexibility and stability in data storage and data communication.


The model of the ‚Virtual Database of Heterogeneous Data Structures‘ - short ‘VDB‘ (with patents in USA and Europe) is particularly well suited for such needs. 


The challenges of continuous change in architecture, structure and data are met, without any restrictions to stability and handling.


The user is able to construct his database without great effort. He can change, copy, delete and add components easily, without hurting integrity.

The model has proven itself especially with software system setups, who are prone to changes.


Our solutions AMM (Application Migration Managemten) and AIM (Application Integration Mangement) are based on the VDB model. All features are swapped out on a VDB database and can be changed there. Controlling of the processes happens via a information management program, which allows the user to administer all process components of the VDB.

Software adjustments and program compilations aren‘t necessary anymore.