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AMM - Application Migration Management


AMM is our migration tool, which helps businesses in completing their application migration and data migration fast and secure. AMM is able to process very complex rules for the transformation of data from source– to target systems. This feature allows the processing of very large transformation rules and it therefore also allows very complex migrations.

AMM is based on the ‚virtual database of heterogeneous data structures (VDB)‘ and has lots of pros: 

No additional programming required

There is no need for programming during the whole data migration! The modular concept allows the direct pasting of business concepts into designated spreadsheets. You safe a lot of time with our migration tool AMM, which otherwise had to be used for developing business concepts and guidelines and for programming.


Easy to learn

The handling of our migration tool AMM is very fast and easy to learn. Therefore projects can be completed faster. The individual project phases: analysis, tests and productive transfers also interlock faster. AMM is ready to use after a quick installation and instruction.


Citation from a data migration project director:

„AMM offers high flexibility. Competent employees were able to do the data conversion after only six days of training. The results were great. Therefore I can highly recommend AMM.“


Transparency and auditing acceptability

The whole process, which is realized through AMM and all the features that go hand in hand with it are traceable and therefore audit compliant.

The whole migration is stored in spreadsheets and not in nontransparent and insufficient documented program code.

More complex migration tasks are solved through pre programmed controls, which are adjusted by the user.


High quality results

AMM has delivered very good results in every migration project it has been used and has thereby likewise impressed IT-specialists and supervisors.



The migration tool AMM is capable of processing huge amounts of data. One million datasets can be migrated easily.



The further development and maintenance of AMM is our first priority. We are anxious in improving AMMs stability and performance. Users can be assured to use a product whose only aim is a fast, cheap, secure and successfull migration.


Citation from an IT-supervisor:

„Studies - which lasted for months - preceded the gefu gmbh order. The result of these studies predicted the lowest time and costs, if we use AMM. Another pro of this tool is his transparency, which stems from the fact that its based on spreadsheets. All actions are visible and coherent, if an employee migrates an entity into new structures, he can always intervene, if this becomes necessary. After the changes have been made, he can execute a test run on his own. Besides the saving of time, this also was a deciding factor for the use of AMM. The results proved us right. We had a minimal error rate after the migration. The change-over was a challenge for everyone, because life insurances are a highly complex product.“



If you don‘t want to run any risks with your data migration or application migration, then take the fast, cheap and secure way with AMM.


For more information about AMM and application– and data migration download our White Paper. here.